About Us


DG International is a hub for goal-driven vibrant persons who needs a solid support system for their success both online (Global Reach) and offline.

DG International is the culmination of years of experience in the corporate and small business worlds, with a passion for raising businessmen and women.

Our priority is to assist individuals in having a befitting lifestyle, acquire their desire and live a healthy life, using this era technology as a critical tool. We have helped people of all level from fresh graduates to medical doctors and other professionals to become millionaires and travel the world for free.

We are a team of Professionals, stationed at helping you hitch that challenge in your business, finance, and/or career life. As a body of professionals with key focus on the development of varying degree of strategies that will pave way for new opportunities and development strategy, as well as finance and legal backgrounds on exploration of new business lines and products development.
We enable business transformation through innovative use of technology on business development and strategic planning as well as welfare management.
We work closely with our clients and partners, actualizing their goals – enabling changes and increasing efficiency, accelerating growth and managing risk.


Our vision is to create a community of graduates, and young entrepreneurs as a solution to youth restiveness and unemployment problem in the society of today. Increasing the number of dream achievers in every country starting with Nigeria. Delivery insights and training to facilitate a sustainable success. Raising the awareness of “Value First” “Money follows”. Increasing the number of independence business owners trying without the stress of running a typical self-owned business..


To Build the culture of good leadership and entrepreneurial qualities in people with young minds as a solution to societal decadence. To participate in our career (entrepreneurship) system, you must possess at least one of the following attributes.

  • Good attitude towards work
  • Open to ideas
  • Ready to learn
  • seeking for additional income



Absolute Integrity, People first, Equal opportunity for all, Long-range vision is the sustainability for wealth, Building culture for good leadership, Creating a community of young-preneurs.